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I dont have many promises to give. I plan to be helter-skelter. I plan to be rebellious. I plan to break the rules. Sometimes you will find my musings on the world, on politics, on Christianity, on social justice. Sometimes you will find a fiction story Im writing for the first time. You might just get a list or a book recommendation or poem. This is my playground. The place where I can be goofy and serious, bold and unsure, thoughtful but still change my mind as soon as I push publish.

Hope you enjoy!

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Calling all Troublemakers!

So just a few days ago, I announced that My Troublemakers (substack community) is about to start on a new journey learning about Protests & Riots... and immediately felt a wave of dread.

Y’all. I have been working so hard to figure out how to serve my substack community well. We started during the pandemic, then we rolled into The Uprisings, only for things to slide into Kenosha and the election. And you know what y’all, I don’t really want to “speak into this moment” beyond what I’ve already written. Can I say that? I have my thoughts about protest and civil unrest and challenging the status quo and I don’t want to do any convincing right now. But I is tired.

So I’m taking a hiatus from the paid subscription of substack to be continued in 2021. I want time to think beyond this current moment. I need to think about what fills my soul and could move yours. I have some ideas... but I want them to percolate, settle, get some flavor on em.

Know that if you choose to keep supporting, you are helping me build an antiracist body of work as I dream, build and prepare for the future. I can’t wait to tell you what I’m thinking for 2021! Im returning to myself- WildHolyFreeBlackWoman

More on the way

I’m trying not to over promise here, but substack is being great about adding new features. I hope that this community will continue to evolve- so stay tuned for more announcements.

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