Why join?

I dont have many promises to give. I plan to be helter-skelter. I plan to be rebellious. I plan to break the rules. Sometimes you will find my musings on the world, on politics, on Christianity, on social justice. Sometimes you will find a fiction story Im writing for the first time. You might just get a list or a book recommendation or poem. This is my playground. The place where I can be goofy and serious, bold and unsure, thoughtful but still change my mind as soon as I push publish.

Hope you enjoy!

Subscribers + Backers Only

Gratitude to my Troublemakers!

I call the subscribers and backers of this newsletter my Troublemakers because you all are the faithful, the ones willing to back up your passion for supporting Black women with your $$$.

in recognition of this commitment I offer a few bonuses over the course of the year (like access to a virtual Q&A with yours truly!) additional resources, and some of my most creative ideas. But mostly, I come to my Troublemakers with gratitude.

You are helping me build an antiracist body of work as I dream, build and prepare for the future. Im returning to myself- WildHolyFreeBlackWoman.

More on the way

I’m trying not to over promise here, but substack is being great about adding new features. I hope that this community will continue to evolve- so stay tuned for more announcements.

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