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I don’t have many promises to give. I plan to be helter-skelter. I plan to be rebellious. I plan to break the rules. Sometimes you will find my musings on the world, on politics, on Christianity, on social justice. Sometimes you might just get a list of book recommendations or a poem. This is my playground. The place where I can be goofy and serious, bold and unsure, thoughtful but still change my mind as soon as I push publish. I’ll share any fun updates happening in my world- like new books or exciting projects (more joy!!) I publish about once a month, but sometimes I get talkative and post more. You would be right to be suspicious of my consistency. Nonetheless, when an email does show up from me, what I can promise is that I made a special effort not to waste your time.

Hope you enjoy!

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You probably know that things are difficult to antiracist writers, speakers, consultants and activists right now. The 2020 trend has died and many of us are scrambling for support. So your decision to show up means the world to me.

You are helping me build an antiracist body of work as I dream, build and prepare for the future. I’m returning to myself- WildHolyFreeBlackWoman. And one big reason why I have the freedom to do so, is because of your support.

By becoming a subscriber on substack you are able to comment and participate more deeply in what you read (I read every single comment). But if you are hoping to receive additional benefits for your support, please consider heading over to my patreon page and becoming a Troublemaker. There are lots of goodies over there.

Thank you for reading about this space.

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