What a Week!

My big news is out in the world!!

Dear Troublemakers,

Before we begin, take a moment and relax your shoulders, unclench that jaw, and take a deep breath. Much better.

I want you to be ready to hear the news I have been waiting almost a full year with you… ya ready?!?

I’m starting a media company! It’s called Herself Media and our vision is to witness generations of women embracing an audacious joy employed as an act of resistance and resilience. This week we shared not only that the company exists lol, but also our Instagram account AND our vision statement video!!

“Austin, I love it! How can we support you?” - you!

“Oh y’all are the best! Thank you so much for asking!!! The best way to support for now is to follow us on IG and subscribe to our newsletter. Those will be the best places to hear upcoming news (we have so much up our sleeves) and help us spread the word about the company!” - a very enthusiastic and appreciate me!


Ok actually just one thing. When I tell you that I created this soft place to land for us all because the world is hard, I mean it. This could not have been more true than when one of my teammates texted me mere hours after we launched letting me know about the leaked Politico article.

As the SCOTUS paper looms large over our heads, I can’t help but wonder whether or not white feminists will make this the moment they stand in solidarity with women of color in intentional and practical ways or if once again history will repeat itself…

(Read the rest here but hint hint the time is now.)


“I love being a Black woman because we are demanding. We demand the right to live as fully human. We demand access - the right to vote, to education, to employment, to housing, to equal treatment under the law.” - me :)

Stay alert, my dear troublemakers. And stay wild and holy and free.

- Austin