Austin's Article of the Month Club

My Dear Troublemakers,

By now, you likely know that I love me some good office supplies. Pens, notebooks, pencils, sharpies - they all make me exceedingly giddy. And up until recently, they have all been sitting in my office, waiting for me ever so patiently. They knew that it was only a matter of time before I was back, dreaming and writing big and little ideas, brainstorming and capturing and making checklists and appointments in my planner.

One of those ideas that I’m crossing off my to-do list is launching an article of the month club. Think of a book club, but erase the very real barrier of time, and voila. Austin’s Article of the Month Club!

Here’s how it’ll work: every month I’ll announce our article. You read it, and throughout the month I’ll ask questions to consider and we will discuss in the comments. Some articles might be old, some might be super fresh. But they will all help us get into some trouble.

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June’s article is…

Why Confederate Lies Live On by Clint Smith

Question Time - How were your thoughts on slavery shaped in your own life? Did what Clint witness surprise you? What stood out to you most about his conversations with people at the Memorial Day event?

Grab your own favorite notebook and answer there or sound off in the comments section below. Either way - would LOVE to hear what stood out to you!


Ashley C. Ford’s book “Somebody’s Daughter” comes out next Tuesday and it (and she) are so incredible. And this podcast episode is everything.

Sign up for a Bystander Intervention Training hosted by Advancing Justice Chicago and Hollaback!

A Shout Out to the AAPI Women Getting Us Through.

I love me some Billy Porter. Thank you for continuing to share your story, your life with us.


The people most addicted to maintaining the status quo are those who reap the greatest rewards. - Mikki Kendall

Stay wild and holy and free,

- Austin

P.S. My TNQ co-hosts and I had the chance to talk to Clint Smith about this article and his new book which comes out next week. Stay tuned for clips from that incredible conversation!