I'm Still Here

Dear Troublemakers,

It’s been a minute. If you follow me on the socials you might have seen that so far this month I’ve celebrated my birthday and also spent an overnight in the hospital. Yesterday I shared more about what has been going on with me health wise.

Long story short - I’m not going anywhere. And also… I am hyper aware of what the work of challenging injustice in the ways I have is doing to me physically. And if I’m going to be in this work a long time (my current and forever plan) then I need to pay attention.

I have a hunch you will be down for the widening and turning of the lane I occupy. I sure hope so.

Thank you for still being here.


This article by Clint Smith and this podcast interview between him and Ashley C. Ford are both must reads/listens.

Something good is happening in Florida (for the first time in ???)

Connecting therapists of color to formerly incarcerated people of color - please give if you can!

Best (and most needed) sweatshirt I’ve seen in awhile from this Black woman owned biz.

“I can hear this picture.” Me too!

I wrote about getting naked over on my *other* newsletter. Have you ever gone skinny dipping???


“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” - Audre Lorde

Stay wild and holy and free,

- Austin

PS Troublemakers Zoom is happening this Thursday at 11:30 ET. Registration email going out soon to all paid subscribers. Not a paid subscriber? I trust you know how to change that : )