Dear Diary: Quarantine Day 3

An ongoing story by Austin Channing Brown

Diary, let me tell you what the twins did today. All of us had to “go back to school” meaning we had to go online to listen to a certain number of lectures. The schedules are all different for me, Zoe and the twins, but basically we all have to get dressed and do some sort of virtual time with our teachers.

So I’m in class, trying to listen to a lecture when all of a sudden the twins bust in my room! At first they were super cute and just making faces at me. But then the little farts start yelling about how much I love Dorrian and making kissing sounds! Before I could even control myself, I lunged at them, missed and fell off the bed! I’ve never been so angry and embarrassed in my life. As I lay on the floor, I finally remember that my computer is on mute! Sigh. I completely panicked and looked like an idiot for no reason!

Mrs Baron noticed me suddenly dive away and stopped her lecture. She asked me if I was okay. I just said yes and pretended I was slightly confused about why she would ask. I could see Star covering her mouth, but her eyes told me she was laughing. Plus I could see the dimple on her left cheek. When my phone went off, I knew it was her texting. “The twins?” She guessed right. Star thinks the twins are so cute, but that’s because she doesn’t have siblings. She has no idea what a pain siblings are. I told her we could switch anytime. But now that we are quarantined I guess I’m stuck with these jokers.

God. I’m just glad Dorrian couldn’t hear them. Can you imagine? I’d be MORTIFIED. And I couldn’t even talk to him about it face to face. What would I do? Make a class presentation about how I absolutely do not have a crush on him? That would be great. I could put together little slides along with my presentation. Slide 1: Dorrian who?

Anyway. Thank God for the mute button.

To be continued

*typos exist to prove your love and grace unto me.