Dear Diary: Quarantine Day 2

An ongoing story by Austin Channing Brown

Diary, today I re-read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and I have to say, I understand.

I mean I think 16 is an important number. Alexander just isn’t old enough to realize that sixteen is good- more freedom, maybe a drivers license, a big party. I mean I didn’t have a big party. But I remember Zoe’s. She had it at the skating rink and she made me go out with her during the “couples dance”. We showed out too. It was fun. Racing along the smooth floor, intuitively knowing what the other would do, feeling the music course through our bodies. Everyone stopped to watch. Even Darrion.

Anyway. I get what Alex is saying. Who needs a number if you can’t even remember it? Must not be that important. Like I’m really not convinced that knowing about Edgar Allen Poe, Moby Dick or algebra is going to be helpful to me post high school. I mean maybe. I’m willing to see, but I have my doubts. Mom said she wishes our English classes included Sula or Invisible Man. “That might actually be helpful to you,” she said when I told her about where we left off in English. I’m not sure what she meant so I looked them up. Invisible Man looks huge, but maybe I’ll ask mom to order Sula.

Sigh. Alexander wants to move to Australia. I wonder what people in Australia are doing now. Probably the same as us. I don’t think things are better anywhere right now.

The list of things Alexander hates made me smile. Thought I’d make my own list.

  • coconut flavored anything

  • sleeping without a window open

  • static when I pull sweaters out of the dryer

  • Scrunchies, even the name makes me cringe

  • when white girls have super long hair that falls on my desk when I sit behind them

  • brussel sprouts

  • when the twins play music and watch video games at the same time. It’s just too much all at once.

  • Chipped finger nail paint- on me, not other people.

  • my tiny breasts. I hope they grow this year.

Oh! Mom called. Gotta run down for dinner. I smell brussel sprouts. This might be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad dinner. But a girls gotta eat. Do they eat brussel sprouts in Australia?

To be continued

*previous chapter called “Quarantine Begins”

*typos exist to prove your love and grace unto me