A conversation with my jaw

Me: Jaw, I know these are tough times, but you can relax.

My Jaw: Oh no! I will carry the weight of the world for you.

Me: that’s such a sweet sentiment, but really I’d prefer if you didn’t.

My Jaw: I hear that, but someone has to hold all the tension and I can do this! Just let me do this for you!

Me: But the problem is this hurts, a lot. One thing I don’t need during a pandemic is for it to hurt every time I talk or chew or yawn. We’re in this together.

My Jaw: Alright, lets make a deal. I’ll relax for now, but at night- I get to clench as much and as hard as I want to.

Me: No, you see eight hours is just too long for you. It’s important that we both get some rest at night. We can’t compromise on this. I need you to relax all the time.

My Jaw: I don’t understand.

Hope you all are remembering to unclench your jaw, to drop your shoulders, to un-furrow your brow, to roll your neck, to take a deep breath and then take another.